We have numerous projects aimed at young people, aged 11 to 18.

Bridge2Youth on Friday - Every Friday we aim to meet at Guisborough Methodist Church for youth activities from 5 to 9pm. All are welcome for games, music, and space to catch up with friends and leaders plus a short discussion time – we often look at ‘What’s in the News?’ and also give them a chance to explore some issues relevant to their lives. As it is a long session we provide a cooked tea at 6pm each week. 

We are planning a sleepover in early February - details after Christmas.

Footsteps on Sunday - Every Sunday we we have a new group aimed at 10-14 year olds running from 5-7pm at Guisborough Methodist Church. The session will start with an activities hour from 5-6pm with crafts, games, drama and usic followed by tea & chat for the second hour. Come along and join the fun

Summer Holiday Week - Over the last few years a teenage group has started to run alongside the younger Summer Holiday Club and have also provided a youth drama production for the younger holiday club. It has been a very positive extension of the work with the teenagers having the space to explore the topic in greater depth but also to engage with the younger sessions thus bridging the gap between the age groups. We will have a 2 day holiday club in May half-term and 3 days in August from the 13th to 15th with a possible trip day on the 16th. Please ask for more information about plans for this year.

Fun & Food4All - During school holidays we plan for lunch sessions from 11am to 1pm with fun activities and a cooked meal for families the next sessions are in the Easter holidays - April 3rd, 6th, 9th and 13th.

escape - An opportunity for the younger and older young people to mix. Although the activities are more appropriate for the primary children this group is happy for the teenagers to come along and get involved. This is held on Tuesdays during term time at Sleights Court community centre.